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I have been creating unique hairstyles for my clients for many years now. I love experimenting with hair, and the fact my clients trust me brings me a great sense of pride. It motivates me to develop my skills and become better at what I do with lots of love – creating stunning hairstyles for my customers. Speaking of which, here is the moment to mention I have a particular new service to offer you – deadlock installation.

The customers of Skillz Unlimited Barbershop in Lakeland, FL know that they can come to me for virtually anything. I have experience in a variety of styles and cuts. But being a professional dreadlock stylist makes me feel very proud. Here is what you should know about this hairstyle and the service I offer you.

Professional Dreadlock Stylist in Lakeland, FL

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I’ve been fascinated by this particular hairstyle for years. For natural dreadlocks, I use various methods based on the curl pattern, density, and the amount of chemical damage to your hair. Completing the dreadlocks installation process takes a lot of time and work, and what is more, you have to sure you want this style. It requires regular maintenance to keep the locks nicely groomed.

Once installed, the locks take up to half a year to mature depending on your hair type, but mainly on how much time you spend taking care of them. Installing the locks is one thing, but aftercare is what makes you rock the style. I can help you with both – the installation and maintenance. Some of the related services I offer include sectioning, crocheting, and waxing (this is an optional service as not everyone is keen on using products in their hair).

To determine whether or not you want to go ahead with this style, consult with a professional dreadlock stylist. If you are ready to do so, contact our barber shop in Lakeland, FL by calling (863) 397-9383 now. I will be happy to hear from you and help you make an informed choice.

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