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Maintaining an attractive hairstyle is one of the tenets of good grooming. Fortunately, getting the right hairstyle can be easy especially when you reach out to experts like Skillz Unlimited Barbershop. I run a barber shop in Lakeland, FL, and I provide world-class hair cutting and styling services to my customers. Get in touch with me today!

Outstanding Barber and Hair Cut Service in Lakeland, FL

Haircut Service

Haircut Service
One of my specialties is giving modern and quality haircuts to my clients. When you book a haircut appointment with me, I will help you select the right hairstyle that suits your facial shape, hair texture, and other factors, and I will ensure that your chosen hairstyle will be brought to reality. Take advantage of my professional hair cut service today!

Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring
I don't just provide top-notch hair cuts — I also specialize in hair coloring! By booking an appointment with me, you can have your desired hair color and you'll get to update your overall look and style. I source my dyes from renowned manufacturers, so you know that high-quality products will be used to create the hair color you want.

Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding
Perhaps you've been growing out your natural hair and you're ready to get cornrows. Or maybe you're intrigued about box braids and would like to give them a try. Either way, you can turn to me and use my braiding services! I'm familiar with a wide range of braiding styles, and I can help you create beautiful and long-lasting braids.

Dreadlocks Installation

Dreadlocks Installation
As a professional dreadlock stylist, I have the skills and knowledge to create dreadlocks of all styles and sizes. Whether you'd like to have traditional locks or you're ready to experiment with micro dreads, you have the assurance that I can give you the best possible results. Schedule an appointment with me and use my dreadlocks services!

Why Should You Reach Out to Professional Barbers?

Today’s DIY culture has encouraged many people to cut, color, and braid their own hair. But, while there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving it a try, you’ll most likely find that taking the do-it-yourself route can’t give you the results that you’re looking for. This is why you should go to a professional hairstylist and hair coloring company: by getting their help, you can have the ideal hairstyle without a lot of stress and hassle!

Modern Tools and Techniques

Here at Skillz Unlimited Barbershop, I used advanced methods that allow me to provide my clients with the best possible haircuts and hairstyles and help them create the attractive look that they’ve always wanted. I also rely on modern tools that make the hair cutting and styling processes much easier and help me complete my tasks in a fast and efficient way.

When it comes to professional and dependable barber shop, Skillz Unlimited Barbershop is one of the best barber that you can trust in Lakeland, FL. Contact me today to know more about my solutions and schedule your appointment!

Client’s Testimonial

Oct 24, 2020

I have always struggled to find a professional dreadlock stylist! Many profess they do it, but I've never too been impressed, until now! I recently called to book an appointment at this place. When I arrived, the stylist was waiting for me and had lots of ideas. I settled on a style, and that was it. I got what I wanted. They were is tight enough, and I came away with some products to help me take care of them. I am booked in again soon to have some re-twisted. So I'm looking forward to that too!

My boys loved them. He took his time listened to the kids and did exactly what they wanted!!
Jen Baez
Jen Baez
I have been going to Skillz Barbershop for about 5 years. This shop has the community shop vibe. Leo Lebron has been cutting my son's since he was 8 years old and does a great job on my head as well. Skinny has cut my head a few times and is good also. If you want a good cut, watch sports and have some relaxing conversation, Skillz Unlimited Barbershop is the place to go.
JF Davis Jr
JF Davis Jr

Skillz Unlimited Barbershop
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